About the Testers Program

The Testers Program has been closed indefinitely.

Do you want to help NeoSoft make their bots more stable? Are you impatient for the next big version of a NeoSoft bot which you've been waiting for to be released? Then the NeoSoft Testers Program is for you!

What are the program benefits?

First of all, you get a new Beta Tester badge added to your profile!

But don't get this badge confused with the green badge which looks almost identical - that one is for the NeoSoft Developers.

For the main course, you get access to Public Betas for our bots, at the small price of $0 (and maybe a bit of bugs). With Public Betas, you can get early access to features that aren't in the stable version of the bot yet.

But always keep in mind that Public Betas can be buggy ranging from not buggy at all to buggy as heck or maybe enough to screw the bot up.

You also get access to the exclusive NeoSoft Testers server so you can chat with other Testers and maybe some developers about the public betas. But most importantly, test those Betas out.

Will my data get corrupted?

Don't worry - we are going to copy your data related to whatever Public Beta you are using to another directory created for the Public Beta, so even if your data were to get corrupted in the Public Beta directory, it will remain unharmed in the regular directory. Unless the stable release is buggy enough to corrupt it...

But that won't happen so don't worry. Unless idk

How do I sign up?

To join the Testers Program, you will need to join our Discord server and also the Testers server. Once you join the Testers server, the info channel will show you how you can sign up for the Testers program.

Have fun testing!

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