Equipping items

The new inventory system is here with v5.0.1. You decide to run nv!battle, but wait...you aren't so OP as you used to be. Unless you just started and you don't have upgraded items.

So...what happened?

As of v5.0.1, we have added an nv!equip command for you to equip items. But how do you equip them?

Let's run nv!shop and go to a random category.

You have the item name, the item ID and the cost, but what's that thing between the item name and the item ID?

We call that the Non-numeric Item ID, which is used to identify items when they're being used. For purchasing items, they would be identified with the Numeric Item ID (which is the ID: 1 thing).

If you want to equip an item, all you have to do is run nv!equip, with the Non-numeric Item ID next to it!

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