Creating NeoSoft Accounts

You can use nv!create to create your NeoSoft Account.

When you run this command, Nevira will ask you to enter your preferred username and password for your NeoSoft Account. Make sure you choose a strong password!

Tip: We recommend you delete the message where you have entered your password in when creating or logging in to accounts.

Your password is stored using the SHA256 checksum, which basically means we can't decrypt your password once it's saved. If someone pretending to be us asks for your password for free stuff, report them to us so we can give them the ban hammer.

We are UNABLE TO GUARANTEE the safety of your NeoSoft Account if you provide your password to others, so make sure you put your passwords in your DMs!

Once you have created your NeoSoft Account, you can log in and access features such as economy.

If you do not want to create a regular account, run nv!guestaccount to create a guest account.

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