A NeoSoft Account is required for this feature.

The economy feature is currently the most used feature in Nevira. Nevira offers two currencies: Coins and Diamonds.

With coins you can purchase items in the Nevira shop, and with diamonds you can earn coins by converting them or buy special items.

To earn coins, you can use the commands nv!daily, nv!crime, nv!convert and win in battles. To earn diamonds, you can use the command nv!daily which has a 5% change of giving diamonds.

nv!daily does exactly what it sounds like - it gives you 250 to 1000 coins every day you use this command, along with 1 to 15 diamonds.

nv!crime makes you virtually do something against the NeoSoft Terms of Service.

Do not attempt the crimes stated in the replies in real life. Doing so may lead to consequences. We have never encouraged you.

nv!convert lets you convert your diamonds into coins.

nv!redeem lets you redeem a code which contains rewards.

nv!bal lets you check your account balance.

Using these commands with alternative NeoSoft Accounts to give you more coins when you use a command will lead to a ban from the bot and an account suspension.

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