Simplified ToS

Can't understand our terms of service document or too lazy to read it? Well here you go. We simplified the language to make it more normal user friendly.


Welcome to NeoSoft services! This terms of service document is an agreement between you and us so you don't go doing anything wrong. To join our communities like Discord servers or use our services, you need to be at least 13 years old, have been approved by us to use our services, have read and agreed to the Terms of the platform of whatever service you're using (so you don't get banned from that platform) and had read and agreed to our Terms of Service document. Guys it's not that hard.

We can update this document at any time. If a change can affect how you use our services, we'll let you know before the update takes place. We can update this for reasons such as to comply with legal things, terms we need to follow to keep our services alive and make sure future updates of our stuff is protected by this document. If you continue to use our services, it basically means that you have read and agreed to the new document. Don't follow this to get banned.

Basic User Rights and Agreements

We make software like Discord bots. It's made for people 13 or above. When you use these software, you will get the superpowers (except for the super part) to use some features like running bot commands or creating NeoSoft accounts. You'll be limited to use this for personal use, and you also won't be allowed to make money off of it without our approval. You also agree not to use our stuff in a way that is against what is written on this document, copy our work (or use it in a way that violates copyright stuff, unless the dev allows you to) and make fan-made content about us that is COMPLETELY UNACCEPTABLE or not something someone between the ages 13 and 18 should see.

We can update or end some stuff at our own decisions. We control them, not you. We can ban you from using our stuff for any reason, such as going against our rules and also this document. We can issue you a warning or ban you if you do this. We can also get rid of your NeoSoft Accounts if we feel like it should be done. We're not going to let you know before we do the action (unless we somehow do, or needed).

By the way, we don't provide any warranty to our services. It's pretty much your responsibility if you misuse it. If your data is gone because of that, we don't take responsibility.


As the user, you are the person responsible to keep your NeoSoft Account safe from the bad guys. We may ask you to log in or create an account when using some part of our services. When creating an account, you will be prompted to provide a username and a password.

By creating an account, you are letting us know that you didn't make your account information against the rules. You can only create one account per person, though. We'll get rid of alts or bot accounts when we spot one. We can modify account information at our will. We might let you know if we ever do this though. Your account username may be similar to others, and you should understand that. Once again, you're responsible for keeping your account safe, and you should tell us if someone's doing something bad on it so we can take care of the issue. We're not responsible if anyone does bad things as your account.

Data and Privacy

You should've read the Privacy Policy document by now, if you've used our software or something. You can modify what we know about you or any other information related to you in a way that isn't bad, and you can ask us to delete it any time. We can edit or delete this data with or without letting you know beforehand if we ever need to.


You acknowledge the fact that we can send you messages or notifications in any method we prefer at any given time with or without letting you know, depending on what we need to send. We will, however, only send stuff that are important and not some other bullcrap.

You can use our bots to communicate with other bot users using the bot's features. We can stop you from doing this if we find you doing stuff you shouldn't be doing.

You also agree that you won't send us any harmful or malicious content, and you won't spam our inboxes with ads or other spam. Please don't do that, we want to work on our bots peacefully.

Music & Third-party copyrighted content

We hold zero responsibility for whatever legal mess you get into by playing copyrighted songs on Nevira or uploading copyrighted stuff to Nevira. If you do get into such mess, you're responsible for it and you should take care of those issues, not us. If you don't wanna be responsible for such mess, stop using Nevira Music or whatever that allows content uploading.

Usage of commands

As a user of a Discord bot service we host, you can use (almost) any command on it and modify your data. You agree that you won't do bad things while doing so and you won't modify stuff the way you shouldn't be. We can stop you from accessing some commands if we need to. Just please, don't be a pain in the butt.

Acceptable use

just follow the rules here so you dont get banned, the end

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