Your server isn't always safe even though you have moderation powers, as it'll take a while to stop everyone from breaking the rules. You can stop raids or users spamming, but not automatically. To help you keep your server safer we created the Xyron Engine - which is basically a moderation engine with a cool name to make it look cool cuz y not lol

As long as you have set up the muterole, most of these commands will work.

Xyron moderation commands usually have parameters like this: <user> [reason]. So if you have to moderate someone, you can just run nv!svr_action <user> [reason], with action replaced with your desired action, which can be warn, mute, unmute, kick, ban, unban, etc.

If you need to automatically stop spammers from making your server hell, you can just toggle antispam by setting it up. If any values are set to zero or None, antispam will be turned off.

And for PURLS...

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