Logging in to NeoSoft Accounts

You can use nv!login to log in to your NeoSoft Account.

When you run this command, Nevira will ask you for your NeoSoft Account username and password.

You cannot log into guest accounts. Once you lose access to a guest account, the account is unusable forever.

Attempting to log in to an account while being logged in will result in an error. Run nv!logout before attempting to log in if you are getting an "Invalid username/password" error.

Your password will NOT be logged to Nevira's usage logs, and once again, we will not send your account password anywhere without your consent. We don't even know it, as it's all SHA256 encrypted.

If you feel like someone that you don't trust has access to your NeoSoft Account, you can ask our staff members in our Discord server to change your password for you.

If you still feel like someone you don't trust has access, you can ask the staff members to enable two-factor authentication.

Two-factor authentication

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