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The all-you-can-read (but not à la carte) step-by-step tutorial to Nevira Custom Profiles.

So you've came to the forbidden lands to know how the complicated custom profile system works. Well, brave traveller, you shall follow me into the cave of secrets for this quest...

Well, it's not really forbidden. We created this page so everyone (with NeoSoft Premium) can learn how to use this feature as it is really complicated. If you're experienced with antispam and PURLS, this might be easier for you.

What's this?

Custom Profiles are something we just released to compensate for Nevira Music's upcoming nerf. It took a day to program though, although it is very complicated.

If you manage to learn how to use this feature, you'll eventually be able to do something like this:

It's not the boring old profile card. Although it might be for my profile card. That's because I'm still testing this feature to make sure everything works as intended, so I made a basic profile card. Basically everything moved to the left, with some text above my profile picture.

How do I use this?

Very interesting question...

I'm here to answer this question anyway. Let's dive straight into it.

Step 1: Acquire Premium

You're gonna need NeoSoft Premium for this. So grind 300 Diamonds and run nv!subscribe to get a month of Premium.

Step 2: Build your profile card

Run nv!customprofile to see your custom profile layers. If you haven't added any layers yet, you'll start off with this.

With no layers, you'll only have a blank background with the "We're not responsible for whatever the user makes with this, but let us know if this is inappropriate so we can land the ban hammer" disclaimer at the bottom. Pretty depressing, but we can fix that.

Let's add a layer of text. To do this, run nv!customprofile newlayer 0 Hello world!, and a layer of text will be added.

If you run nv!profile now, you'll see your default profile. This is normal - you just haven't toggled the custom profile flag yet. We'll do that later.

Since new layers have a default position of (0, 0) which is basically the top left corner, our positioning system might cut some of the text off. So let's move this text to the center - (480, 270).

Let's go back to the layers list! Run nv!customprofile again.

There's our new layer - Layer 0! The number at the end will note the layer number, so remember that. If you can't, run nv!customprofile again to get the list!

Now run nv!customprofile 0 to see the layer details.

There's the layer info! Now let's edit this so the text can be better seen.

Since the background is white, keeping the color on (255, 255, 255) would make the text invisible, as this color basically is white. So let's fix that!

We can set the color of the text to black by using nv!customprofile 0 color #000000, with #000000 as the HEX code for the color, which is basically (0, 0, 0) in RGB.

Now let's set the location of the text up! Simply run nv!customprofile 0 position 480 270 and that text will be in the center.

Well, almost. If you want it perfectly centered, just run nv!customprofile 0 alignment center and you'll have that perfectly centered text! Perfectly balanced, as all things should be.

Step 3: Flip the switch

Now it's time to flip the switch so Nevira can understand that you're trying to use a custom profile. Let's do it!

Run nv!setprofile custom yes, then you'll be ready to see your new profile card!

Now run nv!profile, and you've got yourself your very own custom profile card! It may look boring at first, but I'll show you how you can make it better.

Step 4: Make it yours

Now it's time to make it yours. Let's get rid of the text layer we just created so we can get your profile look more creative rather than basic.

Run nv!customprofile delete 0, and your layer's gone.

Now I'll introduce you to layer type 0 and its 10 other siblings.

Text layer

Value needed for display: Yes Adjustable alignment: Yes Resizeable: No Changeable fonts: Yes (1, 2, 3)

I'll help you up to adding your wallpaper then end this tutorial.

Now, let's repeat the same steps we did to add a text, but differently. As backgrounds are type 2, we should run nv!customprofile newlayer 2.

The background file will be the one you set using nv!setprofile background, so if you want to change the background, change it using this command!

This applies to avatars, bios and background brightnesses too.

The background will be in the top left corner again, so let's center it to fix that! Run nv!customprofile 0 position 480 270 and your wallpaper will be centered.

Step 5: Fixing layer order

Accidentally screwed up the layer order? Fear not, you can reorder them.

Simply run nv!customprofile move <layer_number> <new_position_number> and you'll have the layer moved to the new position!

Tutorial recap

To create layers, run nv!customprofile newlayer <layer_type>.

To delete layers, run nv!customprofile delete <layer_type>.

To move layers, run nv!customprofile move <layer_number> <new_position_number>.

To configure layers, run nv!customprofile <layer_number> <setting> <value> to configure the layer.

And there you have it!

You have successfully went through our basic tutorial to Custom Profiles! We can't wait to see what you can do with it!

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