NeoSoft Accounts in a nutshell

To those people who are like "wth is a neosoft account".

We've put this on the top so we can get the most important things clarified:

  • NeoSoft Accounts are not Discord accounts. We do not recommend you use the same password as your Discord account.

  • We cannot see your passwords. They're SHA256 encrypted, meaning that your password will be stored in an encrypted way which is IMPOSSIBLE to decrypt (unless your password is found out).

  • We don't redirect you to any websites when you try to log in to or create a NeoSoft Account. We're not into sending you shady websites, but we are into memes and developing Nevira for fun in our free time though.

  • Your privacy is important. We try to collect as less data as we can, and the data collected from you DOES NOT include an unencrypted version of your password. Our privacy policy document is here.

NeoSoft Accounts is a custom account system made by NeoSoft to allow data sharing between accounts and also save some data on our servers. We've created this page to show you what it is if you ever got this message:

So basically, you've found a NeoSoft Account required command. As Nevira's economy system is based on the NeoSoft Account system, we made some of its commands locked for non-NeoSoft Account users.

Now for probably the most asked question, how do you log in to a "NeoSoft Account"?

It's very simple, actually. If you are a long-time Nevira user, you can log in using nv!login. The bot will DM you, and ask you to enter your NeoSoft Account username and password.

If you are new, you can just run nv!create to create an account. You will be prompted with something similar to nv!login.

Alternatively, you can run nv!guestaccount to create a guest account.

You cannot transfer data between guest and regular accounts and you cannot log in or out of guest accounts as well. You will need to delete the account to log out from a guest account.

Once again, DO NOT use a password you use for other accounts. NeoSoft Accounts were created with the intention of collecting less data and allowing you to use multiple accounts without getting punished, not collecting already used passwords.

We're not into the idea of collecting passwords you use.

Hopefully this answered the most asked questions about NeoSoft Accounts!

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