Acceptable Use


Welcome to our services! This Acceptable Use document is an agreement between NeoSoft ("Staff", "us", "our" or "we") and the client ("User", "you" or "your"). By using our services you have i) have read and agreed to the Terms of Service ("Terms") and ii) have read and agreed to the Acceptable Use Guidelines.

We reserve the right to update these Acceptable Use Guidelines for reasons which includes, but not limited to, preventing abuse or reflecting to updates of the services. If the updates to the Guidelines in some way affects the usage of our services, you will be notified prior to the change. Continuing the use of our services will confirm that you have agreed to the modifications of the Terms of Service and Acceptable Use documents unless stated otherwise. Failure to comply with these Guidelines will result in a termination of the services.

Acceptable use

Acceptable use is considered as a form of usage of our Services that do not abuse the Service, violate the Terms or include any form of unacceptable use. Unacceptable use can be found on the next section of this document.

Some forms of acceptable use are:

  • Using our services

  • Creating only one NeoSoft Account

Moderators do not reserve the right to warn you or terminate your access from the Service if your usage of the Service is considered as acceptable use. You reserve the right to appeal an action a moderator has took against you if you believe that the action was wrongfully done.

Unacceptable use/behaviour

Unacceptable use is considered as a form of usage of our Services that abuse the service or/and violate the Terms in any way. Some of the forms of unacceptable use listed below apply to the communities only.

  • Starting drama

  • Overloading the services by spamming commands

  • Admin abuse, such as:

    • Posting something that is not related to the server and the bot in the announcements channel

    • Punishing a user without a valid reason

    • Being annoying and spampinging

    • Verbally abusing your power

    • Spoiling sneak peeks we gave you for any reason

  • Not stopping when told to

  • Self-promo outside places where you can self-promote

  • Spamming bot commands or sending spam

  • Talking about suicide (if you need help, this website might help you)

  • Swearing too much in our communities

  • Politics

  • Copypasta

  • Pinging roles just to annoy people

  • Being even more annoying and doing something we don't want you to do with the services just because "it's not listed in the guidelines"

The following below will result in a termination from our services without any warning:

  • Using functions in a way that severely violates the Terms of Service or this document

  • Attempting reverse engineering, for reasons such as, but not limited to bypassing security measures

  • Being aware of a Terms of Service report sent to you and not taking appropriate action

  • NSFW content anywhere throughout the services and the communities

  • Harassment of any form

  • Discrimination

  • Encouraging suicide or using threatening behaviour

  • Impersonation

  • Disrespecting privacy

  • Continuously violating the guidelines

  • Editing data without approval and supervision

We reserve the right to give any punishment regardless of the guidelines if you are witnessed abusing the services.

Alt policy

NeoSoft Accounts are created with the purpose of reducing data collected and allowing multiple accounts to use the same account. However, using alts come with limitations. You agree to not modify NeoSoft Account data related to economy using alts.

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