Getting started

Thanks for adding Nevira! Now let's get it set up.

Thank you for inviting Nevira! It means a lot to us. In this wiki you can learn how to set up Nevira for your server and how to use the bot.

If you configured the old Nevira client and are migrating to the new one, no reconfiguration is needed. All settings will be kept, and you'll experience the same old Nevira on the new client (some permissions may be necessary for a 100% guarantee).

Setting up the welcome/goodbye feature

Nevira has a customisable welcome and goodbye system that you can use in your server when someone joins or leaves your server.

This feature can be set up using nv!welcomech and nv!welcomemsg.

nv!welcomech sets up the welcome/goodbye channel.

Setting up moderation

Some parts of Nevira's moderation system is ready to use if it has the correct permissions. To set the modlog channel and enable muting, you will have to set the channel and role manually.

You can set them using nv!svr_set_modlog and nv!svr_set_muterole.

These commands will only work if you have the Administrator permission.

nv!svr_set_modlog sets the modlog channel. All moderation actions will be logged in the specified channel.

nv!svr_set_muterole sets the muterole. Make sure that the muterole is the actual muterole or we don't know what will happen. [We do not take responsibility if you set the muterole wrongfully.]

After this you should be pretty much good to go!


If you gave this permission to Nevira, we STRONGLY RECOMMEND you remove it. The administrator permission is basically a mini-owner permission, and will give the bot EVERY PERMISSION THE SERVER OWNER HAS.

If you still need to give a bot this permission, DO IT WITH CAUTION.

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