Patch logs

what couldve the godly neosoft patched this time?!!!11

All major updates will now be posted in the Blog. Only bug fixes will be posted here.

Released patches

Nevira X1 (6.0.0 Release 20210824, 19. October 2021)

  1. Fixed an issue where some commands would not work.

  2. Fixed an issue where Nevira Battles did not start.

Nevira Music 2.3 (8. September 2021)

  1. SoundCloud support fully dropped. -sc flag no longer works.

  2. Fixed a bug where music would not start playing.

Nevira Music 2.3 (2. September 2021)

  1. Music can now play from attachments.

  2. Music now shows warning on YouTube and SoundCloud searches.

Nevira X1 (6.0.0 Release 20210824)

  1. Patches issue in PURLS where URLs were not edited correctly, causing false positives and VT scan fails.

Nevira X1 (6.0.0 Release 20210823)

  1. Patches issue where historic VirusTotal scan results for URLs could not be loaded.

Nevira X1 (6.0.0 Release 20210822)

  1. Patches issue where banned users would be able to use context menus.

  2. nv!about updated to reflect patch logs page

Released updates

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