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You've probably checked your profile a few times by now since you know how to use Nevira (well, at least the basics of it). But do you wonder, how the heck am I supposed my profile?

Well, good news - this wiki article is here to (hopefully) help. We'll explain everything as good as we can.

What's in your profile card

In your profile card, you'll see:

  • Your avatar

  • Your username (unchangeable!)

  • Your bio

  • Your badges

  • Your economy balance so you can show off how much Nevira currency you have but in a simplified way

  • Your level, experience points and rank

Your avatar

Your avatar is a simple way of representing who you are. It's basically a profile picture.

Your username

This is the only unchangeable thing and is used to identify you in our system. We can change it if you have a proper reason to though.

Your bio

This is changeable. You're welcome.

Your bio can be used to show what's in your mind or give a short description of yourself.

Your badges

*proceeds to copy and paste what used to be in this page before*

Badges can be earned when you have a certain amount of money, you have levelled up to a certain level or above that level, or you are somehow special to NeoSoft. So what do these badges represent?

The badge on the left is the Owner badge. Only I (Green) have this on my profile card since I founded NeoSoft and I currently own it, so it's pretty much impossible to earn this badge unless you become the owner of NeoSoft somehow. But there is an easy way to earn it...

The wrench with a green background is the Developer badge. If you are a NeoSoft developer, you can earn this badge!

The badge with the NeoSoft logo is the NeoSoft team badge (maybe that was self-explanatory for some people). If you are a NeoSoft staff member, it means you are in the NeoSoft team and you can have this badge in your profile!

The shield with a sky blue background is the Moderator badge. If you are a moderator of the NeoSoft server or any of our services, this badge will tell people that you're keeping things safe for other NeoSoft services users.

The wrench with a blue background which is similar to the Developer badge is the Beta tester badge. If you used any of our services when they were in their pre-alpha phase, or if you have access to a developer beta, you can earn this badge!

The badge (which is not in the picture above) with a die in it is the RNG God badge, and we will grant it if you're really lucky when using the bot. how the heck are you able to be that lucky anyway?!?!

The badge (which is also not in the picture) with a heart in it is the Nevira Simp badge, and you'll get it if you hug or pet Nevira a lot of times. She really likes being hugged 😏

The badge next to that is the Rich user badge. If you have a million coins or above that, you can have this badge to flex your wealth. weird flex but ok but pls dont flex too much in any servers before the mods come

The badges next to the Rich user badge are badges for your Level up achievements. The numbers in each badge indicate what level you have achieved! Feel proud of yourself especially when you get that Level 100 badge. If you do then gg

Your Nevira currency

i feel like this belongs here

Your level

This gradually increases as you use the bot. Higher level means better rank.

How to customise your profile

If you don't customise your profile it'll probably just look plain and boring. So here's how to customise it!

Your avatar

nv!setprofile avatar <image url> or nv!setprofile avatar then attach an image. GIFs are not supported.

Your username (just kidding)

You can't change this.

Profile background

nv!setprofile background <image url> or nv!setprofile background then attach an image or GIF.

You can change the brightness using nv!setprofile brightness <number from 0-100>. It's set to 50% on default.

Once you have set a GIF as your profile, run nv!setprofile animated yes to set the animated background flag to True. This will SIGNIFICANTLY increase the time it takes for your profile to load and also break non-animated backgrounds. If you start using a non-animated background, remember to set the animated background flag to False using nv!setprofile animated no.

NeoSoft Premium is required for animated backgrounds.

Profile bio

nv!setprofile bio <text>. You're limited to 60 characters though.

Profile text color

nv!setprofile profilecolor <HEX code>

NeoSoft Premium is required for custom text color.

pretty much it i guess

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