Two-factor authentication

Security is important when it comes to accounts. If someone knows your account's username and password, they can log in to your account without you knowing. That's why we decided to add two-factor authentication for NeoSoft Accounts.

To enable 2FA, run nv!toggle2fa.

How it works

When a user tries to log in to your account, you (if you're the owner of the account) will receive a 10-character 2FA code required to continue the logon process. Once you have received the code, the user will be informed that the 2FA code was sent to the owner successfully, and will be asked to enter the code. The code will expire after 100 seconds, and entering the wrong code will abort the logon process.

The 2FA process will be skipped for the owner of the account.

What to do when you're locked out

If you get locked out from your account because you are unable to use the account that is registered as the owner of your NeoSoft Account, don't panic! You can ask our staff members to change the owner of the account for you. They are available in our Discord server.

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